3 Essential Tips to Avoid Aggressive Driving

3 Essential Tips to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Feeling some irritation while driving is normal, but you should never let it worsen. After all, aggressive driving and road rage incidents can lead to confrontation, injuries, and accidents.

AODD’s Online Traffic School, a reputable safe driving school in California, offers the following tips to help you resist aggressive driving tendencies.

  1. Keep Calm
    There is something about traffic that can bring out negative emotions to anyone. When driving, do your best to stay calm. You may listen to calming music or travel earlier to or from work. This way, you won’t have to rush. One of the consequences of hurrying is that it can make you careless, causing road accidents.
  2. Use Defensive Driving Strategies
    Defensive driving can stop you from falling into aggressive driving tendencies. It may also defuse other aggressive drivers around you. So, always make sure that you follow the speed limit, use your turn signals, keep both hands on the wheel, and maintain the presence of mind. Never tailgate by keeping the proper distance and avoiding distractions while driving as well.
  3. Steer Clear of Aggressive Drivers
    Many aggressive driving incidents involve two drivers trying to ‘one-up’ the other. If you encounter an aggressive driver, it is best to stay calm – do not take the bait, and steer clear from their vehicle. If necessary, get out of the driver’s way by changing lanes and slowing down. If someone is tailgating you, move over so that the driver can continue ahead of your vehicle. Also, avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver. Making eye contact may further provoke the driver, causing them to continue their aggressive actions against you.

The Bottom Line

By using these strategies, you can avoid aggressive driving tendencies and keep yourself (and others) safe on the road. For more safe driving strategies, consider enrolling in our traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano, CA!

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