3 Signs That You Are a Good Driver

3 Signs That You Are a Good Driver

Driving can almost be considered a required skill in today’s society. We drive every single day. We drive to work, we drive for our errands, and we drive for fun. However, just because you drive on a daily basis, it does not necessarily mean you are a skilled driver. How can you tell if you have skills behind the wheel? Here are a few signs that you are a good driver:

  1. You Are Aware of Your Surroundings
    One of the sure signs that you are a good driver is when you are aware of what is happening around you at all times. It is so important to be aware of your surroundings because there are going to be many other cars around you and a car is a couple tons worth of metal moving at a very high speed. A car accident can cause a lot of damage and not every driver is paying attention.
  2. You Drive a Manual
    Driving skill is not determined by whether you drive an automatic or a manual but it does require more attention to drive a vehicle equipped with a stick shift. You are more attuned to your vehicle and this will force you to pay closer attention to the road. Automatic vehicles tend to be easy to drive and thus it can be easy to get distracted doing other things. A manual keeps you focused.
  3. You Yield
    Yielding is very important. Letting people merge, allowing people to pass, or simply waiting for someone to move first can provide a safer driving experience and it can actually make you go through traffic faster. There have been many studies that show aggressive driving to be slower than simply going with the flow. Yielding is a more peaceful and relaxing experience that can help reduce road rage and simply make you feel better.

Those are just a few signs that you are a good driver but it is important to remember that you can always improve your skills, and this is where an online traffic school such as AODD’s Online Traffic School can help you with. Through our traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano, CA we can help improve your skills behind the wheel. For more information on our safe driving school in CA, please get in touch with us anytime.

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