4 Common Traffic Violations You Need to Know

4 Common Traffic Violations You Need to Know

So, you must be a new driver or an aspiring driver who is curious about the top traffic laws or rules you might possibly violate if you aren’t careful enough. Here are four common traffic violations and some tips on how to avoid them:

  • Speeding up

    Some roads have specified speed limits for drivers to follow. Other times, signs like “SLOW DOWN: ACCIDENT PRONE AREA” or simply “SLOW DOWN” is enough to tell you that you shouldn’t hit the gas pedal too much. Drive at a moderate speed on wide roads. It is okay to drive slow on narrow roads and pathways, but do not drive too slow that you annoy other drivers following you. Be mindful of other vehicles on the road and do your best to avoid accidents.

  • Beating the red light

    Even though you’re in a hurry, you are not allowed to drive when the red light is on. You should stop and make way for other vehicles or for people passing by. Beating the red light might get you into an accident. Even though you passed through the red light without being caught by a traffic officer or involved in an accident before, you shouldn’t do so because you’ll never know what lies ahead of the road. You might accidentally hit someone or put your life at stake.

  • Reckless driving

    How do you define reckless driving? Drunk driving, getting a few seconds of sleep while driving, speeding up on purpose, and analogous situations can get you into prison. You can be fined for such violations as well.

  • Not stopping for pedestrians, school buses, and emergency vehicles

    Don’t just consider your own safety when driving. Be mindful of the people who want to cross the street safely. To prevent accidents, slow down when you see a pedestrian lane or when you see someone attempting to cross the road. When you’re following a school bus, have some patience as it tries to drop off or pick up students. In addition, let ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles pass through when you hear a siren. You never know what kind of emergency they are about to face.

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