5 Important Things to Remember When Driving for the First Time


Your first time handling a vehicle can both be a very exciting and nerve-racking experience. Although you have studied the rules, techniques, and methods of properly using a vehicle to transport yourself from one place to another, staying behind the wheel for the first time is a completely different thing. As a provider of traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA, we share these few things to consider and keep in mind when you are about to drive for the first time.

  1. Adjust the vehicle to suit your comfort and accessibility

    Before starting the car, make sure to check to see if the mirrors are all arranged in a way that you can properly see them, and that the seat is rightly adjusted to your height. The latter is important, for you have to be able to conveniently and quickly step on the pedals. It helps to learn in a safe driving school in CA.

  2. Calm your nerves. Have someone you trust with you

    There will be jitters when you are behind the wheel for the first time, which is why it is important and helpful to have an experienced driver that you trust besides you while you are driving for the first time. Their guidance and advice will allow you to be calm enough to successfully navigate.

  3. Rid yourself of distractions

    It’s your first time to drive, so it definitely will be a bad idea to choose that moment to have very talkative friends on the back seat with you or volunteer to take your younger sibling to kindergarten. There will be plenty of time put your driving skill to good use once you have already gained enough experience on the road. For now, you got to focus.

  4. Stay away from highways and interstates

    Of course, you will have to practice driving on these busy roads in the future, however, when it is your first time, driving on a bustling road would not be a good idea. This will only make you feel very nervous. Wait until you have more experience controlling or handling a vehicle before you hit the highways and interstates.

  5. Stay on familiar roads

    Since it is your first time driving, you don’t need to have to navigate your way along unfamiliar streets; this will only heighten your risk of potential hazard. Drive around your neighborhood or in an area you are familiar with, so you can focus on maneuvering the vehicle first, before having to deal with navigating roads later.

Once you’ve got the hang of using a vehicle on the road, you will be able to acquire the skills to cruise along highways and interstates or make your way through crowded and busy roads. You have to start somewhere. It is important to have training from a reliable online traffic school. AODD’s Online Traffic School is an online classroom that provides effective training that will give you the tools to safely navigate the road.

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