Characteristics of an Ideal Driver

5 Traits of a Good Driver

Bad drivers are fairly easy to spot – they talk on the phone while driving, they text and drive, they skip lane driving, and they don’t always follow traffic rules. But how do you identify good drivers? What are their traits?

For starters, good drivers are skilled and well-trained. As an experienced provider of traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA that has trained numerous drivers, AODD’s Online Traffic School lists some of the traits of a good driver:

  1. A good driver is responsible.

    Accidents can happen to anyone even to the best drivers. The difference between a good and bad driver is that good drivers take complete responsibility for their actions while bad drivers may refuse to own up to their mistakes. Good drivers also take responsible actions that reduce their risk of getting into an accident while bad drivers act recklessly, endangering themselves and others.

  2. A good driver takes care of their car.

    Taking good care of your car is highly important, not just for its aesthetics but also to ensure its condition. If your car is not in top condition, it can be unsafe to drive and it becomes a hazard for both the driver and other road users. A good driver regularly maintains their car and ensures that it is serviced regularly.

  3. A good driver concentrates on the road.

    Concentration is a very important aspect of driving. When you’re stressed or excited, you may find your mind wandering as you drive. You may even end up daydreaming when stuck in traffic or when stopped at a light. A good driver avoids thinking about unrelated problems and they refrain from doing other tasks while driving. They concentrate on driving and driving alone.

  4. A good driver is well-trained.

    Research shows that driver education can significantly reduce traffic violations and accidents. A good driver is knowledgeable of traffic rules, road etiquette, and defensive driving techniques. Good drivers take the time to learn and hone their driving skills. Enrolling in an Online Traffic School can provide drivers with a good level of training.

  5. A good driver is patient.

    Patience is perhaps one of the most important traits that a driver should have. Road construction, heavy traffic, and the actions of other drivers will test a driver’s patience on a daily basis. However, impatience can lead to bad decision-making and aggression which can ultimately lead to accidents. A good driver remains calm, composed, and patient when driving.

As a concerned Safe Driving School in CA, we urge all drivers to adapt these traits of a good driver. Not only will you keep yourself safe from harm, but you can ensure the safety of other road users as well.

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