Tips to Stay Safe While Driving


Are you getting ready to hit the road? Or have you been behind the steering wheel for quite some time? Whether you’re going on long road trips to the beach or visiting your Grandma’s place nearby, don’t leave home without reviewing AODD’s Online Traffic School tried and tested safe driving tips. Read on to know more about staying safe and avoiding traffic the next time you hit the road!

  1. Turn off your cell phone

    Generally, no using of cell phones while driving. This rule probably has a lot of lawbreakers. But you might have already heard about this: several studies show that using cellular phones while driving is similar to driving drunk. Thinking of going for hands-free phone? Don’t – the effects are just the same.

    It’s easy to get tempted once your phone rings from a call or when a Facebook chat pops up. Calm your inner nomophobia, turn off your gadgets and focus on the road.

  2. No texting

    Texting, on the average, takes 4.6 seconds to keep you distracted from the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving at full speed or at a rate where turtles can overtake you; a lot can go wrong when you’re driving without your eyes on the road.

    There are many states that prohibit texting while you’re behind the wheel, thus avoid the common “texting-while-stopped” approach. With your head down, you won’t be able to notice crucial occurrences. Even when you’re at halt, keep paying attention to the road.

  3. Keep your headlights open

    The right time to use your headlights are dusk and dawn, and on times when the road’s too dim to your convenience. Before hitting the road, try to check if your headlights are still working. It’ll be your armor from traffic disasters as it helps in increasing your visibility and in making other drivers see you.

  4. Conform to speed limits

    From watching Fast & Furious or Tokyo Drift, you might think that speeding is cool and fun. Speeding is a major contributor to accidents and deaths. Don’t feel pressured by Vin Diesel to keep up with traffic. By driving safe, you can help ensure your well-being and avoid costly traffic tickets.

    The road is not a racing track. There’s a difference between driving and drifting. Stick to driving…unless you’re in an action-packed movie.

  5. Practice defensive driving

    …with AODD’s Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA. As a driver, you have to keep two things in mind: (1) the traffic ahead, behind, and next to you, and (2) some possible escape routes to turn to. At slow speed traffic, maintain a car length distance from the car in front of you, and keep a larger buffer zone on faster speeds.

    There are several car insurance companies that offer discounts once you take an official defensive driving course. Get those discounts and improve your driving skills by enrolling today at our Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA.

  6. Choose a safe car
    Sometimes cars are at fault too. Driving like a pro behind faulty wheels is still a recipe for disaster. Get a car that offers not just physical luxury but comfort and safety. A safe car armed with the latest safety equipment and an exceptional crash safety record is a good investment.

By applying these 6 tips from AODD’s Online Traffic School, you’ll limit the chances of becoming a part of the driver’s accident statistic. And when you provide a clean driving record to your car insurance company, you’ll even get discounts and save more!
Call us today at 949-240-0115 for more information about our Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA. What other safety driving tips can you offer? Tell us below!

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