A Tip for the Elderly: How to Stay Safe on the Road


Just because you are already an old adult, it does not mean that you are not allowed to drive. We can get the frustrations seniors have when their children or other officials demand that they should not be out there for a drive. As an Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA, AODD’s Online Traffic School believes that everybody should have the freedom to be behind the wheels.

But even though you strongly believe that you can still be out there on the road, you need to know that accidents are inevitable and that the only way to prevent them from happening is to either let someone younger and more capable than you drive you or follow our tips on how you can stay safe on the road:

1. Consider your body’s need to sleep
As an older adult, your need for sleep may be greater than you needed 20 years ago. Do not push yourself too hard. When you feel the urge to close those eyes and nap, please do so and postpone your driving to when you no longer feel tired or sleepy.

2. Avoid driving when you want to drink alcohol
There are those times when you want to go out, have fun and take a couple drink or two but if you are returning home and you are taking the wheel, do reconsider. Plan ahead if you want to drink. It is an age-old tip for all drivers, no matter how old they are, to not drink or take in any alcoholic substances while they are driving.

3. Know your body
Getting old is just one of your problems when you want to drive but as what we have stressed out in our Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA, it should not be the reason why you cannot drive. Know your body, the inconveniences you may be suffering now and your limitations. Accept them so that you can observe safety for your sake and the sake of others on the road.

4. Follow a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you
When we are older, our reaction time may get slower. Allot a 2 second gap with the vehicle in from of you. If you are driving in the night or whenever there is low visibility, allot a 4 second gap.

5. Take your time
Feeling pressured while you are on the go is always common for all of us and even if you are now older than you were before, you would still feel that pressure from all around you especially on the road. If there are grumpy drivers behind you, adjust to them and let them have their way. You are the older and the wiser one here in the first place. It is better to move according to your limits than to submit to the stress and demands given by other drivers.

6. Avoid heavy traffic
If you are expecting to travel during peak hour traffic, we advise you to postpone you trip if possible.

For more safety tips on the road, enroll now at Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA.

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