Are You Guilty of These Bad Driving Habits?

Are You Guilty of These Bad Driving Habits?

You’ve been driving for years on end. But the question is, are you driving safely? AODD’s Online Traffic School has listed down a couple of bad driving habits you might not know you have:

  • Parking in restricted areas
    Leaving your car parked where it shouldn’t be won’t just incur you expensive fees. It can also leave your vehicle a gash in case another car accidentally scrapes against it.
  • Tailgaiting
    This creates tension for both parties. You can’t move faster and the other driver can’t get you off of their tail. Other times, it can lead to altercations too. If you want to pass the car before you, do it in the safest way possible.
  • Forgetting to use turn signals
    Have you ever walked in a crowd and got bumped against? That’s what happens when you don’t use your turn signals. You may have a clear idea of where you’re headed, but the drivers around you don’t. Without visual clues, other drivers can end up crashing against your vehicle.
  • Speeding
    Every Safe Driving School in California has stressed this. Speed limits are given in every area to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. If you can’t afford to be late for an appointment, don’t resort to speeding. Instead, make an effort to leave your house a few minutes earlier.
  • Driving while distracted
    No one is that great a multi-tasker while on the road. Keeping your attention elsewhere while driving will only put you in danger. In case there is something urgent you need to tend to immediately, pull over. Doing so will significantly keep you safe from road accidents.

We get it. Bad habits are hard to dispel. You’ve been so used to them that it has become a part of your daily life. Still, it’s never too late to improve your driving skills. It’s never too late for you to enroll in our Online Traffic School in CA. You can access our classes through your smartphone or computer. Isn’t that convenient? Go ahead and visit our website for more details.

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