Avoid Intersection Crashes With These Practical Tips


One of the most common collisions you’ll see on a busy city street is when two cars collide at an intersection. Intersections can be tricky to navigate, but by practicing the tips below and by keeping your online traffic school lessons in mind, you can avoid these potential accidents.

  • Give yourself a bit more space.
    The second an intersection comes into view, your brain will start calculating how much space you have to maneuver to get past it without crashing into anything or running out of room. So, the more time you give yourself to plan your path, the better off you’ll be.
  • Be patient at intersections.
    Whether you’re turning from a side street onto a major road or vice versa, your car’s turning radius will dictate how close you can get to an intersection without coming into contact with opposing traffic. So,be patient when making turns on a major road. Avoid speeding, especially during peak traffic hours. Take your lessons at a safe driving school in California seriously.
  • Use the correct signals.
    Using the correct signals you learned at a safe driving school in CA allows the drivers behind and in front of you to know your intentions so they can react accordingly. Of course, make sure to time it right. Don’t do it too early to avoid confusion and don’t do it too late to avoid having your fellow drivers caught unprepared.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your mirrors – especially if you’re changing lanes. Doing so can help you avoid unfortunate accidents.

To know more about traffic safety and driving tips, contact AODD’s Online Traffic School, your trusted classroom traffic school in Orange County.

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