Distracted Driving: 3 Smart Ways You Can Avoid It


Driving seems like a simple enough task. However, in reality, you actually need all of your senses to execute it. You have to keep your eyes focused, your ears sharp, and your body alert for whatever you may encounter on the road.

With that said, it would be in your best interest to avoid any distractions while driving. Being a renowned Safe Driving School in California, we’ll give you a couple of tips you can work with:

  1. Keep your gadgets.
    These gadgets include your smartphone, your tablet, and yes, even your smartwatch. Put them in a “Do not disturb” mode to focus your attention. If you want, you can even have automated replies programmed so that the other person will be prompted to contact you later.
  2. Refrain from multitasking.
    If you need to drive, focus on that. Don’t try to apply your makeup, or eat, or even answer your phone behind the wheel. All these may seem like simple tasks, but driving requires your full attention. Make time before the trip to accomplish those tasks instead so that you don’t have to do multiple things at a time.
  3. Secure pets and children.
    The little ones can be cute and hyper, but they also make good distractions from the road. Avoid that by keeping them in proper car seats or holders so that they will remain in their designated zone.

Be safer on the road. Enroll in Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Distracted driving is not the only bad habit that can put you in danger on your travels. There are also other things that you should consider; all of which you will learn when you sign up for our program.

The classes that we offer are online, so you can get to your lessons at your most convenient time. Plus, our curricula strictly meet the criteria set by both the Superior Courts and the State of California DMV so you can make sure that you will be well-informed. Contact AODD’s Online Traffic School now!

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