Driving Hazards During the Holidays


Drinking has become an integral part of many parties and celebrations. And most people tend to drink more during the holiday seasons – causing accidents and, most of the time, the loss of many lives.

As an Online Traffic School, we want you to visualize some examples of driving hazards during the holidays and how to avoid them.

Drunk driving or impaired driving is a hazard when a drunk person gets to the wheel after drinking too much. Ask a friend who attended a Classroom Traffic School in Orange County to drive so you can get a quick nap and proceed when you can to avoid car crashes.

Fatigued driving or tired driving will likely result in vehicular accidents, and this usually happens when people get less sleep planning for their holiday celebration. It is best to plan for parties early on during the day to keep from staying up late.

Distracted driving is a hazard that includes driving while calling or texting holiday messages to people using their cell phones or checking out and locating stores. Can be avoided by making a stop to make the call or checking stores.

These scenarios can happen to anyone, especially without taking any course from a Safe Driving School in CA.

And when facing traffic violations eligible for CRC Rule 4.104, you may need to undergo a class from a Safe Driving School in California where you can learn about the most current information on defensive driving.

So we encourage you to try our program at AODD’s Online Traffic School.

Stay safe in the holidays to come!

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