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Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano, California

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Providing Traffic School Since 1978
The Academy of Defensive Driving (AODD) welcomes you to our Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano CA. AODD was founded by Mr. Larry Vaughan in 1978 and operated out of the Orange County Raceway, in Costa Mesa, California (which now serves as the home of the Orange County Fairgrounds). AODD taught Traffic Safety and operated Drivers Training for Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Southern California. At present, AODD remains headquartered in South Orange County and is still owned by the Vaughan Family, a top-notch online traffic school in San Juan Capistrano, California.

February 1984, AODD started the first Traffic Safety Program in the Orange County Superior Courthouses. AODD provided experienced law enforcement instructor staff that made classroom learning ideal and set a precedent in Southern California.

We, at AODD, believe in a proactive learning approach, which has a proven track record:

  • To help students mitigate/reduce future traffic law violations
  • Reduce the chance of traffic collisions

AODD has one simple goal and philosophy—to produce the safest, smartest, most responsible, mature, and considerate drivers that we possibly can. We emphasize defensive driving, driver safety, and responsibility, in addition to law and regulations awareness, and we know that every effort we make contributes to a better driving experience for everyone on the road.

We are proud of our company and the service we provide. Our over 30 years of consistent quality speaks for itself!

AODD currently operates both a Classroom and Internet Traffic Safety School Programs, which are licensed and approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

AODD, as well, operates a licensed & bonded Multi-Level Drinking and Driving Program for the County of Orange and the State of California.

To learn more about what our company offers, please feel free to visit www.aodd.com

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