Classroom FAQ’s

Traffic School Certificate in California

What should I bring to AODD’s Traffic School Classroom?

You will need the following items:

  • Court Referral – This is a document that lists Your Name, Case Number, Driver License Number and Date Proof of Completion needs to be submitted to the Court
  • Pen
  • Note Paper/pad
  • Valid Picture Identification – Drivers License, State ID Card, Passport
I am attending AODD’s Traffic School Classroom because my employer requires me to do so for insurance reasons. Can I still attend?
Yes – A DMV Certificate of Completion will be issued to you at the Completion of the course showing that you have completed all requirements. The Certificate will state “FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES ONLY”
Can I still go to Traffic School for a ticket that I received, even if I already attended a course for Insurance Purposes?
Yes – You did not adjudicate a court case.
How often can I go to traffic School?
You can go to traffic School every 18 months. Earlier if the court grants an exception and allows you to do so.