Student-Client Reviews in Capistrano, CA

See what our students or clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

15 responses to “STUDENT – CLIENT REVIEWS”

  1. Katalin Walker says:

    I would recommend this course. Easy to keep focused on material. It was also a great refresher course on safe driving.

  2. Charlena D Linsday says:

    Just wanted to say that I actually very much enjoyed going to the traffic school for my speeding ticket that I had gotten. Opted for the physical school just because I wanted to make sure that this ticket is getting removed and that I was in the right place and doing the right thing. I felt that our instructor of the course was just very nice and she made it very easy for the whole class to participate. I actually learned a few things as well in class that I had not known. If you get a choice to take a class I would say that this one is a very nice one to take.

  3. Jessica Sanchez says:

    Thank you your class was clear and to the point it was easy to understand and it went smoothly!

  4. Fred says:

    Very good communication. When I completed my traffic school course online, AODD immediately sent emails notifying me I passed, with a completion certificate. They communicated that my information was submitted to the Court and there was an email follow up within a couple days confirming the Court accepted my certificate and my traffic violation had been cleared.

  5. Michelle Menet says:

    I was pleasantly surprised how this process/course went. AODD made it simple and easy to contact a person, and the team was very helpful in explaining the cost, testing and certification.

    Curtis the Instructor was extremely helpful with my inquiries, and provided solutions for all of them. The IT support was also helpful and easy to reach. Zach had confirmed my concern and experience which was quickly resolved on their end and with confidences, due to my deadline of testing and passing the course.

    Here I thought I knew all the DMV laws, but I actually learned quite a few important safety factors and laws.

    Michelle/San Clemente, CA

  6. Kevin says:

    Online traffic school was smooth and simple to follow along.

  7. Foad Sajed says:

    Very Informative course.

  8. Linda says:

    thank you for providing traffic school course on-line. It was self-explanatory and easy to follow. I had to contact you because a page froze up and the rep showed me how to refresh the page.

    Even though it took me 6 hours to complete, it was so much better to do from home than have to go to class.

    thanks again

  9. Keith Alan Wright says:

    This traffic school was very easy and convenient to use. Very inexpensive too. Curtis was very quick to take care of all of the electronic paperwork and he kept me informed. I highly recommend this company.

  10. David Eidsvold says:

    Thank You Excellent Experience I’ve learned a lot from traffic school

  11. Walter Harriman says:

    Great Traffic School! Easy to understand and I especially like the fact I could proceed at my own pace. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs the credits.

  12. DR says:

    Took the on-line course at my own pace and it was extremely efficient and easy. The team was very thorough and followed through with my court documents and certifications, etc. Best part was, I did not have to give up an entire Saturday. Thank you AODD!!

  13. Chin chung says:

    I want continue education program
    Please show me to re-enter

  14. SR says:

    Great experience taking the online course with AODD. Curtis and staff were so helpful and supportive – and promptly replied to all communication. I’m so appreciative! They made this stressful ordeal, relatively easy to complete. You are in great hands if you decide to go through their online driving school. … thank you, thank you, thank you, AODD ☺️

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