Enroll in Our Traffic Violator School Program


Are you a driver who requested the court’s permission to enroll in a traffic violator school program? AODD’s Online Traffic School is a safe driving school in CA licensed to provide 8-hour classroom-based programs for erring drivers who need a refresher course on the rules of the road and how to always practice defensive driving.

Our program features interactive teaching strategies like video presentations and encourages active participation from all students. It involves answering several quizzes and taking a final exam at the end of the program. Finally, the course instructor will provide a final evaluation of each driver’s performance in the safe driving school in California.

In addition to conducting classes for traffic violators, we also offer online traffic school programs for beginners wanting to learn the basics of driving. Attending online classes will enable learners to download all the course materials and learn at their own pace. And once they pass the final exam, they will receive their course completion receipt within 24 hours.

If you are looking for a traffic school where you can enroll in a licensed traffic violator school program, or if you are a beginner looking to enroll in one of the best online traffic schools, call us today so you can explore your options.

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