Ensure Your Safety On The Road, Keep In Mind The Acronym BLOWBAG

Ensure Your Safety On The Road, Keep In Mind The Acronym BLOWBAG

Defensive driving does not start when you are already behind the wheel. It starts even before you get into your car.

We at AODD’s Online Traffic School, the top-rated Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano, CA, would give a failing mark to anyone who would immediately rev up the engine of his car without doing the important preliminaries. We consider these initial checks important because, simple as they may seem, they can make a difference between a successful trip and a disastrous ride.

For this purpose, we want to be reminded always of the checklist by the acronym, BLOWBAG. Before switching on the engine of your car, do BLOWBAG, which means check the following:

  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Oil
  • Wheels (Tires)
  • Battery
  • Air
  • Gas

No amount of defensive driving would prove effective if one or two or three of the above are not in their proper condition.

Keeping in mind BLOWBAG and taking up traffic safety course at AODD’s Online Traffic School guarantee a disciplined and well informed motorist in you, far from committing traffic law violations and from figuring in traffic collisions.

Have you taken up a course in traffic safety already? If not, sign up at the premier Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The process is so easy. Just visit our website aoddca.com and click ONLINE tab and fill out the required fields in the registration form. And voila, you are enrolled already.

What’s good about our online school is that you can study and learn the course at your own pace. Also you have more than one chance to hurdle the final exam the passing score of which is pegged at 70% or better. Once you have made it, your certificate will be delivered within 24 hours after finishing the course.

What’s even better? You will be enrolling in a school that has been an institution in California when it comes to traffic safety. Four decades in the industry is nothing to sneeze at.

Our online curriculum also complies with the strict criteria set by both the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CDMV) and Superior Courts. Our license number is TVS #1648.

Be a responsible motorist. Enroll now at AODD’s Online Traffic School. If you are not tech savvy, you can have a choice of our Classroom Traffic School Program, which still guarantees the same content and results.

Meantime, AODD operates a licensed & bonded multi-level drinking and driving program for the county of Orange and the state of California.

Call us now at 949-240-0115 or communicate with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube.

Take into account BLOWBAG and you’ll be in good hands. Please join our discussion by posting your views, comments and suggestions on the space provided below.

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