Here’s Why You Should Habitually Use Your Turn Signal

Here’s Why You Should Habitually Use Your Turn Signal

First of all, why should you? Every Safe Driving School in California teaches the use of a turn signal is already mandated by the law. If you need more reasons to be convinced, this article is for you.

What’s a turn signal? This gadget isn’t an elusive item of legend. It’s right there by your steering wheel. Yet, despite its convenient location, it’s used too rarely to a fault.

What might be causing people to not use it? Well, there are several factors to that. Individuals don’t use the turn signal because:

  • The road is empty.
  • The turn is being made is to the right.
  • The person in front of you didn’t use it.
  • The turn signal is too troublesome.
  • The lane is long and you’re in the back.

Do you follow this type of reasoning too? Well, it’s time you made a change in your driving practice. AODD’s Online Traffic School explains that you should use your turn signal because:

  • It keeps you safer
    It’s unavoidable to bump into one another when you’re in a crowd, right? Well, imagine a jam-packed highway. Without a means of telling where vehicles will go, collisions are more likely to happen. Good thing a turn signal exists.
  • It prevents you from being involved in altercations
    Have you ever accidentally cut off and almost clashed with the car in front? That either gave you a mini heart attack or road rage. If you want to avoid that from now on, use your turn signal.

Turn signals do more than you think they do. They give way to defensive driving habits which can even help you save on car insurance. Plus, using your turn signal will help you and your loved ones enjoy a better driving experience.

Learning about the use of turn signals is included in the Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano, CA we provide. If you’d like to further upgrade your defensive driving skills, call us. We’ll have you set up in our online classroom in no time.

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