How Do You Prepare Your Teen Driver for the Road?

How Do You Prepare Your Teen Driver for the Road?

Finally, your teen is ready to drive their first vehicle. Congratulations! It’s a milestone every parent looks forward to. But, don’t be so quick to give your teen the privilege of driving. They first need to be familiar with the responsibilities that come with it.

To help you with this process, AODD’s Online Traffic School prepared some tips you can follow:

  • Be sure to meet state licensing guidelines.
    Does your teenager have a learner’s permit? They need to complete a number of hours behind the wheel under the supervision of a licensed driver. Help your child meet the requirements before letting them drive on the road.
  • Get auto insurance.
    This protects not just the vehicle, but your teen as well. Get in touch with your insurance agent. Ask about how you can open a separate policy for your teen or how you can add your child to your existing policy.
  • Make a safe driving contract.
    This aims to give your teen an outline of what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to driving. It should state your expectations. Along with the consequences expected in case the contract gets broken. Having your teen sign a contract urges them to comply with the rules.
  • Prepare for an accident.
    Accidents aren’t something that anyone wants to happen. But, they do happen. With that in mind, it helps to talk to your teen on how they should react in the event of a collision. You can also enroll them in a Safe Driving School in California for added guidance.
  • Sign up for a course on defensive driving.
    Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano, CA is more available than you think it is. In fact, you can do away with the old school methods. Enroll your child in our online program today. You can check our website to learn more about the curriculum that we have to offer.

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