How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency through Driving Techniques

How to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency through Driving Techniques

If you find that you are consuming more fuel than usual but there is nothing mechanically wrong with your vehicle, then it may actually be the way you are driving. Your driving technique has a huge effect on the amount of fuel that your vehicle is using. Here are some great tips to consider to help improve your fuel economy:

  1. A Light Foot: Driving with a heavy foot can eat up a lot of gas. When you are driving, you will want to practice a lot of finesse with the gas pedal. Instead of pressing the gas pedal down quickly to accelerate up to the speed you want as fast as possible, you will want to gently press it until you are at the speed limit. This will not only make driving a lot smoother, but it will save you gas. Driving at higher RPM’s will eat up more fuel. A good way to prevent a heavy foot is to imagine there is an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Only press with the amount of pressure you need without breaking that imaginary egg.

  2. Maintain Your Speed: Maintaining your speed is another effective way to improve your fuel efficiency. Constant change in speed can reduce your gas mileage by a huge amount, and this is especially true on the highway. If your car has cruise control, set it to the speed limit and maintain that speed. Speeding up to overtake or slowing down then speeding back up is a good way to waste fuel!

  3. Keep Your RPM’s Low: You do not want to be driving at a high RPM all of the time. It can be fun to hear your engine roar as you soar through canyon roads or down the highway, but this will consume a lot of gasoline. If you are trying to save your fuel, you will want to keep your RPM’s as low as possible.

These driving techniques can help save you a few more dollars on your commute, so it really does pay to follow them. AODD’s Online Traffic School is an Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano that offers a variety of information to help improve your driving today, so please do not hesitate to check out our website

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