How to Tell if Your Car Needs Maintenance Done


Driving is something that most of us engage in every day. Considering how there are so many dangers associated with it, it’s best to arm ourselves with the necessary knowledge to maximize our protection. This is why it’s ideal to enroll in a safe driving school in California.

Here at AODD’s Online Traffic School, we not only aim to promote the community’s safety through our safe driving school in CA. We also see to it that people have access to proper guidance using our platforms.

With that, allow us to share the implications of car maintenance. Regular car maintenance keeps your ride in good operating condition and helps to avoid costly mechanical failures in the long run. More significantly, it can help ensure your safety on the road.

Common signs that you should have your maintenance done, along with their corresponding parts include:

  • Tire pressure light

    When the air pressure in a tire falls below a specific level, the tire-pressure monitoring system in your vehicle will prompt you. Low air pressure can lead to risky driving conditions, so pump your tires as soon as the need arises.

  • Braking

    Any issue or malfunction with your brakes is a cause for concern. Don’t put off fixing a “soft” brake pedal, and make it a priority to inspect any squeaking or scraping sounds.

  • Vibration

    If you notice shaking when starting, turning, or stopping your vehicle, consult a mechanic immediately.

A classroom traffic school in Orange County can teach individuals important lessons that could potentially save lives. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to dial us!

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