Important Road Signs You Should Remember

Important Road Signs You Should Remember

Learning about road signs is one of the essentials when you are learning to drive. These road signs can warn you about incoming terrain, hazards, prohibitions, and even directions. As a safe driving school in California, we always make sure our students are able to remember and understand the meaning of these signs.

Here are some of the important road sign classifications in the United States that you are likely to learn if you enroll in an online traffic school:

  • Warning road signs
    These are often red or yellow to alert drivers of potential danger, such as crosswinds, roadworks, rail crossings, etc.
  • Information road signs
    These are the most frequently used road signs. These provide general information about the road ahead, such as the recommended speed, road closures, etc.
  • Mandatory road signs
    These are signs used when you are required to carry out a specific task, such as compulsory minimum speeds, left turns and right turns, etc.
  • Priority road signs
    These indicate who has priority at the junction or road ahead.
  • Prohibitory road signs
    These restrict certain types of vehicles and maneuvers. Examples of these include speed limit, no entry, no turning, and no parking signs.

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