Putting “Cool” in a Cool-Headed Driver

Putting “Cool” in a Cool-Headed Driver

Who said multitasking is impossible? Then, what do you when you are driving? You are not just managing the wheels, you also step on pedals, glance at side mirrors, and constantly watch out for other vehicles. Driving, though most of us are already used to it, is tedious. You keep juggling things at the same time.

With all the pressure that driving might cause you, it is not difficult to lose your cool with the slightest things. This is where road rage is born. But, AODD’s Online Traffic School discourages you to join the fray. Recent news had already displayed the tragedy of being involved in traffic skirmishes.

This post will help you address such danger. Listed below are useful tips to remain calm while behind the wheel.

  • Set a mental itinerary.

    Usually, it is very easy to become moody when your mind is in a complete mess. A practical hack to that is to think ahead. Before you hit your ignition and drive away from your garage, think of your plans for the day. Set your route and stopovers. Try to expect some delays along the way too.

  • When fuming, breathe.

    Breathing is the easiest way to lower your anger. When in tight situations, do not let your blood flood your brain. Close your eyes and breathe the deepest you can. Continue doing this until you feel better.

  • Play slow tunes.

    Instead of the usual death metal album that you play on your stereo, try to pick slower ones. This is an effective remedy for hotheadedness, especially on busy weekday mornings. Psychologists have found that music is a very potent stimulus for emotions. Why not add some songs from Hillsong or Ed Sheeran to your playlist?

  • Talk to your passengers.

    Talking is a proven stress reliever. Bottling up your frustration will only worsen things. Try to talk it out with a calm companion.

  • Take a sip.

    Almost late? Being mad will not get you any faster. Freshen up by drinking a cool drink.

  • Be the Mr. (or Ms.) Nice Guy (or Gal).

    Common scenario: you are about to make a turn but someone haphazardly grabbed your lane without any warning. When things like these happen, stay in the car and let it pass. Minutes after, you will soon forget about the incident. If no injuries or damages are attained during the incident, the best course of action is to lay low and move on.

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