Safe Driving: Preventing Road Rage


You’re having a great day, minding your own business on the road, when suddenly some jerk cuts you off without signaling. This can tick anyone off and understandably so!

Even instructors here at AODD’s Online Traffic School can feel road rage, but there’s a difference between feeling angry and acting out with anger.

Our Safe Driving School in CA wants to keep you out of trouble. So we’ve decided to share some tips on avoiding road rage. Take a look:

  • If some “angsty” teen or ill-manner adult cuts you off, “flips the bird”, or makes any obscene gestures, be the bigger person and ignore it.
  • Honk only if you have to. Your car horn is for notifying other drivers of your presence, not to scold them. Plus, we know how annoying it is to get honked at 50 times in a row.
  • Notify authorities. One of the things we advise students in our Safe Driving School in California is to notify traffic authorities of any troublesome drivers.
  • If an aggressive driver starts following you, don’t head to your house. Instead, call the police and head to the closest police station.

We share more road-rage management tips at our Classroom Traffic School in Orange County. So don’t hesitate to approach us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in taking Online Traffic School, you’ve found the right people. Just give us a call at 949-240-0115 or 949-752-0710 to get in touch.

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