Safe Driving Techniques That Everyone Should Know


Driving is exciting. It provides us with the freedom to go where we want, when we want. This is something that few things can offer but while on the road, it is important to remember some important safe driving techniques.

Even though driving is in our blood, it can be very dangerous. After all, you are driving a piece of metal that weighs over two thousand pounds at a high rate of speed and you do not know if the drivers around you are paying attention or even have the proper skills to be behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, through some
safe driving techniques, you can minimize the danger.

  • Safe Distance:

    One of the most important things you can do while driving is to keep a safe distance. Depending on the rate of speed you will want to adjust the distance. This will give you precious seconds to react if something happens ahead of you, which can make all the difference in an emergency.

  • Both Hands on the Steering Wheel:

    When you are driving, both of your hands should be on the steering wheel at all time, because this will ensure you have full control of the vehicle in an unexpected situation. The only time your hands should come off the wheel is when you are changing gear.

  • Be Predictable:

    When driving you want to have predictable movements, along with using your signal lights. This will allow the drivers around you to anticipate your movements, which will create a safer driving experience for everyone on the road with you. This means no sudden lane changes or erratic driving. Be smooth, so even if the driver does not notice you are turn signals, the movement of the vehicle itself signals your intentions.

Those are just some basic safe driving techniques that everyone should know while on the road. If you are interested in learning more about driving and how you can improve your ability behind the wheel, AODD’s Online Traffic School, which is an online traffic school in San Juan Capistrano CA, has numerous classes you can enroll.

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