Safety Driving Tips with Kids

Safety Driving Tips with Kids

Driving with kids can be an adventure, but it also can be extremely taxing, knowing that their safety can be an added responsibility. That is why we need to take extra care and follow essential steps to their safety in and around vehicles.

AODD’s Online Traffic School, your trusted safe driving school in California, brings you five (5) safety driving tips with kids:

  1. Buckle up.
    It is an important task that we must never forget to do. In the last ten (10) years, seat belts helped save around 329,715 lives.
  2. Seat children in the right place.
    Safe driving school in CA, along with some car experts, recommends that children 12 years and under must always ride in the rear seat in an appropriate child seat or with the vehicle’s seat belt buckled up.
  3. Use the proper car seat, and install them correctly.
    We cannot just install any car seat; they should all be according to our child’s age, height, or weight requirements. Make sure to also follow the instructions for usage and installation as supplied with the product.
  4. Never leave kids alone in or around cars.
    Leaving the kids alone inside or around the car can be very dangerous. There have been cases wherein children die from heatstroke in vehicles. They, too, will be helpless when another vehicle hits your car, or they could come in contact with the hot bonnet or exhaust.
  5. Do not text and drive.
    Resist the temptations to read and respond to text messages when driving. Mobile phones are the biggest distraction when it comes to driving safely, with or without kids.

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