Safety Tips for Parking Uphill or Downhill


One of the most important things that you’ll learn from a safe driving school in CA is parking downhill or uphill. This is both similar and different from your usual way of parking. Yes, you can do parallel parking on an inclined road.

However, a few things are different when parking uphill or downhill from parking on a level road. It would be best to learn these differences from your online traffic school because they make you a safer driver. These scenarios might also come up during your driver’s license exam anyway.

Let’s look at some safety tips that you must observe when parking on an inclined road. Your classroom traffic school in Orange County may or may not discuss these during theoretical classes.

  • First, you cannot just shift into neutral and engage your hand or emergency brake when parking on an inclined road. Instead, you must engage the first gear. Doing so will prevent your car from rolling down or up the road. This is because putting the car in gear while parking will lock the wheels in place.
  • Second, you must not park with your wheels pointing straight ahead. You must either turn your tires towards the curb when parking downhill and away from the curb when parking uphill. Either way, you point the front tires towards the curb and use it as a barrier against sudden movement.

Keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll quickly master the art of parking safety on an inclined road.

If you’re searching for a safe driving school in California, you can drop us a line at AODD’s Online Traffic School. We’ve got a staff of highly experienced driving instructors, all waiting to help you become a safer driver on the road.

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