Should You Drive When Tired?


Every safe driving school in CA will tell you that you should always check your car’s condition before driving. Of course, this is to ensure that they are in working condition for them to get you from point A to point B. It should be a standard practice that we all need to learn.

But aside from ensuring the car’s condition, you should also ensure your own body’s condition. Every driver should have the full capacity to operate a motor vehicle. With that, we ask, should you drive when you are tired?

As an online traffic school, we should tell every driver that driving when extremely tired can be risky. It can even be dangerous to some extent.

Driving is an activity that requires extreme focus. When you are tired, you are not operating at your best. You may lose concentration, and you may not have the best abilities to operate a vehicle.

Your reflexes might be slow. Also, your reaction time might degrade a bit when you are tired. Also, the chances of you falling asleep are incredibly high. These make up the perfect recipe for road accidents.

With that, you should always ensure that you are well-rested before driving. If you are tired, make sure you stop at a designated stopping area and get the rest you need before continuing with your journey. Doing this can make the roads safer.

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