Should You Vape While Driving?

Should You Vape While Driving?

Vaping is the new buzz. It helps you relax and deal with stress. Other times, it even makes you look cool! But, is it safe to do it while you’re on the road? Is it the same as using your phone while driving?

Good question. Well, vaping is not in the same sense as texting. It’s true that you don’t need to keep your eyes peeled on your e-cigar 24/7. But, the thing is, vaping is something that should be done with added attention. This paves the way to distracted driving, which is a big no.

If you’re not convinced, AODD’s Online Traffic School shares added insight on why you shouldn’t vape behind the wheel:

  • It can cause you a fine.

    The act of vaping itself might not yet be punishable by law. But, since you’re distracted by the activity, you can easily make a traffic violation.

    If you don’t want to be subjected to that, consider enrolling in our Safe Driving School in California.

  • It can obscure your line of sight.

    Vaping is fun with all the big puffs of smoke it can make. Perhaps you even have a few neat smoke tricks up your sleeve. However, when you’re driving, that can fog up your view. This can cause you to swerve your car in the wrong direction.

    Remedy this situation by maintaining ventilation in your vehicle. Crack a window open to circulate the smoke out of your car. For other safety driving tips, enroll in our Traffic Safety Training in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

  • It can damage your upholstery.

    Refilling your e-cigarette while on a ride is not only tedious. But, it can also accidentally spill all over you and your vehicle. If you’re not careful, it might even cause an awkward stain.

    As much as you can, avoid doing refills while you’re driving!

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