Staying Safe While Driving at Night


Driving in the dark can be intimidating and dangerous. The lights of oncoming vehicles may blind you, while the glare of streetlights can obscure the road ahead. Night driving is also more likely to involve bad weather conditions like fog or rain that make it hard to see clearly. But don’t worry, AODD’s Online Traffic School, your reliable safe driving school in California, gives you these tips to keep you safe behind the wheels:

  • Follow at a greater distance. When you can’t see as far ahead, it’s important to give yourself more time and space to react in case an emergency occurs.
  • Never drink and drive. Alcohol impairs your reaction time, judgment, and vision, all critical faculties for safe driving
  • Check your headlights. If you notice that you are having difficulty seeing the road at night, shine a flashlight on the front of your vehicle to see if there is a buildup on the headlight lens.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for rest stops, especially if you have been driving for a long time without any breaks. Fatigue can be just as dangerous as alcohol when it comes to driving safely at night.
  • Use high beams whenever possible, unless there is oncoming traffic within 500 feet or other vehicles are close in front of you in the same lane or at an intersection ahead of you. Low beams should always be used when traveling within city limits or whenever there is traffic nearby.

Night driving can be a little nerve-wracking, but with these tips and the things you learned from your safe driving school in CA, you will be well on the road.

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