Are Less Young People Driving?

For decades, people have criticized millennials for their crazy and dangerous driving. This is even shown with high insurance premiums for younger drivers. However, we may need to find something else to criticize as the number of young people getting … Continue reading

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Why You Should Never Drive While Intoxicated

It can be tempting to drive when you are intoxicated because you feel fine or your home is nearby but driving while under the influence is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous for yourself and everyone around you. When … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

You are on your way home from work when your phone rings. The split second that goes by when you take your eyes off of the road to answer your phone is all it takes to find yourself upside down … Continue reading

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Is Driving Faster Actually Safer?

The speed limit is an ongoing debate. Is it safer to drive faster or is it safer to drive slower? The answer may surprise you but it is actually safer to drive at a higher rate of speed. With cars … Continue reading

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Learning How to Drive: The Basics

If you are learning how to drive a car, you will want to make sure you can keep in mind a number of different factors and aspects. It is not that difficult to drive and it can be heaps of … Continue reading

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