The Aggressive Driver Versus the Defensive Driver

There are two types of drivers controlling their vehicles on the road, namely the aggressive and the defensive drivers. What are the characteristics of these drivers? Which one is the preferred type of driver? Can you be both be an aggressive and defensive driver?

  • Defensive drivers are educated and alert. They also make good judgments.

    You couldn’t drive a vehicle without a license. Defensive drivers are those who did not just attend traffic/driving lessons or seminars just to get their license. They are drivers who listened carefully and applied whatever they learned from their lessons. They are careful when driving, making sure they don’t break any traffic rules and regulations. They are mindful of other drivers on the road and if there are any mishaps, they would settle the issue without heated or violent confrontations. Defensive drivers know how to control their speed limit, when to change lanes, which places are suitable for parking, and other driving tasks that require their sound judgments. They are responsible not only for themselves, but also for the passengers and the objects inside the vehicle.

  • Aggressive drivers have quick reflexes and drive quickly. However, they do not mind the consequences ahead.

    Aggressive drivers have also gone through driving lessons and tests to get their license. However, these are the type of drivers who don’t care much about other vehicles on the road. When accidents happen, they would even blame you even if you didn’t commit the traffic violation in the first place. Aggressive drivers are the type to vent out their high-intensity emotions through driving. Despite not being mindful on the road, the advantageous characteristic of aggressive drivers is their quick reflexes. They can switch lanes, speed up, or dodge possible accidents quickly. But then again, they don’t have the knowledge to make appropriate judgments when they’re on the road as compared to defensive drivers.

Actually, you can both be a defensive and aggressive driver. However, it is always encouraged that drivers become more of a defensive one – the educated, calm, and alert driver.

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