Driving Don’ts: Avoid These When Taking Over the Wheels

The Don’ts When Driving

When you are driving, there are several things that might seem safe but could actually put you at risk or might cause confusion for other drivers. Here are the things you shouldn’t do when driving:

  1. Driving Slow: If you are driving below the speed limit, you might feel like you are safe. However, this is actually much more dangerous compared to driving fast. Most cars that get into accidents are because of slow driving, especially on highways. Other cars going to the speed limit will not expect a car to come across that is cruising along slowly, which can cause a major accident.

  2. Hazard Lights in the Rain: Having your hazard lights on during a heavy downpour might seem like a good idea because it increases your visibility, but it is not. Your hazard lights are exactly what it literally mean. Hazard lights should only be turned on when you are a hazard on the road, such as when you are broken down or if something is wrong with your vehicle. Having your hazards on in the rain can cause confusion with other drivers, it is better to turn on your lights instead.

  3. Switching Lanes to Get Ahead: It might seem faster to switch lanes and overtake other vehicles, but in reality it is not. Staying in your lane and going with the flow of the traffic will actually get you to your destination within the same amount of time as aggressive driving would, minus all of the stress.

  4. Talking on the Phone: This is extremely dangerous. It might not seem like a big deal for many drivers, but when you are on the phone you lose your focus on the road. It only takes a split second to change your life, so stay focused and stay off the phone when driving. If you need to make a call, use Bluetooth or a hands-free device to reduce the amount of distractions in the vehicle. Also, never text while behind the wheel. This is far worse and far more dangerous than calling.

Those are just a few of the many things you should not do when driving. To learn more about safe driving techniques, please check out our website today at www.aoddca.com. AODD’s Online Traffic School is one of the best Online Traffic Schools in San Jan Capistrano CA! We will improve your driving skills behind the wheel.

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