The Weather Condition with the Most Car Accidents

The Weather Condition with the Most Car Accidents

Weather conditions can affect your chances of getting into car accidents more than you think. Wet roads or a strip of black ice can easily send your car reeling off.

But what weather condition has the most car accidents and how can you keep yourself safe while driving in it? AODD’s Online Traffic School is here to talk about all of that.

You might think that the most “accident-prone” weather to drive in would involve snow and ice, but it’s actually not. The weather with the most car accidents is the rainy weather. May students at our Classroom Traffic School in Orange County have recounted their own experiences while driving in the rain.

Depending on how hard the rain is, you can encounter precipitation, which can affect visibility and lane obstruction, just to name a few.

This is why rain, among other weather conditions, is extensively discussed in our Safe Driving School in California.

But of course, we won’t end the article with just that. Safe Driving School in CA wants you to be as safe as possible. So we’re going to leave a few great tips for avoiding accidents in the rain:

  • First, check your vehicle and make sure that everything is working. Check your breaks, windshield wipers, and lights.
  • Second, wait for the rain to ease up. If it’s raining hard, try to hold off from driving until the rain stops or slows down.
  • Finally, drive slower than you normally would. Your reaction time will be much slower during the rain, and frankly, getting yourself turned into a car pretzel is just not worth the rush.

There you have it. If you need more tips for safe driving, enroll at our Online Traffic School. Just call us at 949-240-0115.

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