Valuable Tips And Reminders To Stay Safe On The Road

How to Stay Safe on the Road

Driving safely doesn’t just benefit you, the driver, it benefits other people as well.
So, if you are a new driver or if are you looking for a refresher course that can help you stay safe on the road – here are some tips and reminders from us at AODD’s Online Traffic School, a trusted online traffic school in San Juan Capistrano CA.
Although you may have already learned some of these, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it.

When crossing an intersection
Both pedestrians and drivers who cross an intersection must conformto instructions and signals given by traffic officers and traffic safety facilities.At AODD’s Online Traffic School, we want you to always stay safe. However, have you experienced receiving different instructions by officers and facilities? If this is the case, make sure you follow instructions given by traffic officers.

Conform to traffic signals

  • Drivers who conform to traffic signals also expect other drivers to do the same. When this does not happen, a traffic accident is more than likely to happen.
  • Traffic signals are basic safeguards that protect drivers against traffic accidents – make sure you follow them religiously.
  • If you rapidly try to cross right after a signal just turned yellow or red, there’s a very big possibility that you will collide with another vehicle that is just entering the intersection from the other side.

Things to remember at an intersection

  • Traffic signals are used to prevent traffic accidents and it allows communication between drivers. It is incredibly critical that you are able to completely understand what each traffic signals means.
  • As you approach an intersection, make sure that you keep adequate distance and look two or even three vehicles ahead of you.
  • Even when the traffic signal turns green, make sure it is completely safe before you move. Always be keen to the possibility that pedestrians or vehicles can suddenly appear in front of your vehicle in spite of the signal.
  • As a trusted online traffic school in San Juan Capistrano CA, we want to remind you of one thing – always make sure to keep your distance.

These are just some valuable tips and reminders from us at AODD’s Online Traffic School, a trusted online traffic school in San Juan Capistrano CA. However, if you feel like you need more than just this list and if you need professional intervention, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 949-240-0115.

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