What You Need to Check Before Starting Your Engine


It is a must for all the drivers out there to be safe on the road most especially because the road is a place for everyone and not just for the vehicles. So as an Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA, AODD’s Online Traffic School feels the need to share with all the drivers out there on the things they need to check before they hit on the road.

Here are 7 things you must test out before you start your engine:

1. Your car
This really is the simplest and the most basic thing you need to do. Check your car by walking around it. Are there any obstacles along the way? Are your children not playing hide and seek with you? Also, when you do this, you would notice damages that someone may have inflicted on your car.

2. You car seat
Check if you are in a good position inside your car. Our Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA cannot stress enough to drivers to make sure that they have the outmost convenience. Drivers, check if you:

  • Can see clearly the road based on the height of your seat
  • Are close to the accelerator and brakes or if your distance with it is just enough
  • Are at least 10 inches away from your airbag
  • Situate yourself 10 inches away from your stirring wheel

3. Your car’s mirrors
They do not just exist there for their aesthetic purpose. Car mirrors can minimize or even eliminate blind spots if they are adjusted correctly. Research on what angles your mirrors should point at or you can enroll in our Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA to learn more about how you can maximize the use of your car mirror.

4. Your headrest
If you think that your headrest is just there to make you comfortable while you are driving, then you are absolutely wrong. Headrests can save you if ever you get into a crash so you need to make sure that your headrest is properly fiddled with.

5. Your steering wheel
You need to adjust your stirring wheel so that you will be comfortable as the one who takes the wheel. It is best if you keep the wheel slightly tilted.

6. Your seatbelt
One of the true lifesavers in case of accidents, the seatbelt should always be properly installed and used. Make sure you do your seatbelt checks before you start driving.

7. Your car doors
Please never forget to lock your car doors if ever your car is one of those that do not lock in automatically.

Because you are the driver, you take in the full accountability of your actions. You are responsible for what will happen to the car, to your passengers (if you have one), to other drivers and passengers, to the pedestrians you will cross paths with and to yourself.

So keep in mind that your safety and the safety of others should be guaranteed; and you can help make certain that all will start and end the day without inconveniences and unfortunate happenings when you enroll at AODD’s Online Traffic School through our website at www.aoddca.com.

What are you car rituals before you start your engine? Comment below so your thoughts can be heard.

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