Driver’s Tip: Pay Attention to Your Speed


STOP being a driving maniac. STOP stepping hard on your accelerator. STOP getting increasingly frustrated if the car in front you is driving slow or cutting you off (just because it keeps you from driving fast).

Driving is NOT a stressful experience. Take it from AODD’s Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA, you can enjoy a calm and serene driving experience. We offer defensive driving to help improve your driving skills and bring peace of mind by mastering the art of wise-driving.

AODD’s Online Traffic School in San Juan Capistrano CA tells you that you can SAVE 5 things by driving slow:

  1. TIME. Are you 5-minutes away to get a tardy slip at the office? If slamming the accelerator is your only hope to appear at your workplace within the marked time, you’re wrong. Saving that 5-minute deadline won’t be worth it. Imagine all the possible risks you’re exposing yourself to while driving rapidly. The real time-saver is to wake up early, start hitting the road a few minutes early and you’ll arrive on time or at the same time as someone who drove faster but started later. Also, you’ll arrive much happier than that furious driver with a time to beat.

  2. LIVES. The common notion is true: driving fast can kill people. Driving at a speed of 35mph doubles your chances to kill someone as that of 30mph. By driving rapidly, you limit your ability to respond quickly when disasters come. Even a blink of an eye can mean significant differences between life and death. Avoid speeding and drive slower for your safety, your loved ones, and the people surrounding you at traffic. When you encounter runners and cyclists or when you drive on school zones, always limit your speed at a minimum.

  3. GAS. Aside from driving a fuel-efficient car or abstaining from driving, you can help save gas by practicing gradual accelerating and decelerating, avoiding excessive idling, and in contrary to popular belief, driving slow. With gas prices racing against your speed, you can’t just afford to waste it by driving unnecessarily fast.

  4. ZEN. There’s a gush of relief when you’ll drive slow. No manic thoughts on how to overtake who. No desperate attempts to make it through the next corner before the traffic light turns red. Driving slow will make you feel zen, with stress levels dropping down to almost-zero. You’ll realize that driving isn’t a hassle; the way you drive is. By avoiding road rage, you won’t even care if other cars are flying by or cutting you off. You just drive at your own pace. And it’ll make the entire driving experience relaxing and pleasurable.

  5. MAKE THINGS EASIER. Well this is a bit off the radar, but it’s relatable to being zen, only magnified. Aside from harvesting inner peace while driving slow, it can also reduce many other snags and hitches too – the costly speeding tickets, high-priced gas, headaches from accidents, and just the mere hectic pace of life. Why should we really hurry? Life’s more than just getting a tardy slip and being unpunctual on your date night. The important thing to remember is that we’ll always get to our destinations, even at a slow pace. As we all know it, life’s a journey. Make that journey memorable and pleasurable.

Call us today at 949-240-0115 to know how our Online Traffic Schoolin San Juan Capistrano CA works to your benefit.

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