Driving a Manual for the First Time

Driving a Manual for the First Time

Compared to automatic transmission, it can be quite intimidating to get behind the wheel of a manual car for the first time. However, driving a manual car is not as hard as it seems. Here are a few tips that can help you learn the basics of driving a manual:

  1. Go to an Open Parking Lot
    This may sound obvious but it is important to learn how to drive a manual car in an open parking lot with no other cars around. This is especially true for vehicles which can roll back into other cars in traffic or cause you to panic if you stall on the road. Being in a parking lot can reduce your stress a lot, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. This is why traffic safety training in San Juan Capistrano CA is done in open areas and not on the street.

  2. The Clutch
    The most important part about a manual car is the clutch. This will help you turn the car on, get it moving, and allow you to change gears. Mastering the clutch is a must. This is also where the trickiest part of driving a manual comes into play and that is getting the car to move. When you want to move the vehicle, you need to place your foot on the clutch and rev the engine slowly. Look at the tachometer and keep the revs at around 2000rpm, then slowly release the clutch. You will feel the clutch bite then the vehicle will begin to move. This can take a few tries to get down but keep practicing.

  3. Changing Gears
    Once you got down the skill of getting the car moving smoothly, the next thing to practice is changing gears. This is much easier compared to getting the car moving from a stop. Basically, you will want to let go of the gas pedal at the same time press in the clutch, while changing gears with your hand. This needs to happen at the same time but it is easier than it sounds. Make sure the clutch is completely depressed before changing gears, in order to prevent grinding.

    When you want to stop, simply move the gears down and when you come to a complete stop, put the car in neutral and remove your foot from the clutch pedal.

Those are just the basics and when it comes down to driving a manual vehicle. In order to make your experience easier, it is a good idea to get in touch with a safe driving school in CA. If you want to find out more about our online traffic school please get in touch with our team at AODD’s Online Traffic School at any time.

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